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August 9, 2008 | Andrew Kamphuis

Does your website show your personality?

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If you have a large audience, I can see how setting your website to target different people could be important, but what about having your company personality show through on your website?

This past week I've been reading about the personality of people and personalities of websites. The information I've been reading groups people (ie. logical, emotional, spontaneous, competitive, methodical, humanistic) and then determines how to setup your site to target different personalities. 

If you have a large audience, I can see how setting your website to target different people could be important, but what about having your company personality show through on your website?

On a recent company holiday, Brent, Peter, Jason and myself visited Rollingdale Winery. We had heard a few things about this winery on our Okanagan Wines facebook group and decided to go check it out.

To get to Rollingdale, you drive down this long dirt driveway and pull up to a quonset. A couple dogs were running around (or maybe it was just one). A younger guy with a tatooed arm came out and greeted us. His name with Kyp. At first glance we weren't too sure about this place. (A picture of Kyp inside the quonset is on the Okanagan Wines facebook group).

We went inside the quonset for a tasting. From here everything changed. Kyp had an amazing passion for their wine. They also had some great tasting wine. Overall it was an amazing atmosphere and you got the impression that these guys really poured their soul into their wine. (We have purchased more wine from Rollingdale than any other winery over the past month).

Fast forward this story and visit Rollingdales website. These guys make some great wine, and have a tasting room with a great personality, but none of it shows in their website. I would like to take Kyp and just inject him into their website.

So in thinking about 'website personalities' for a week, and talking about it  Friday in our office, I kind of feel like this Vin | 65 site might need a bit more personality.

So I'm going to start off with a few pictures. When we are on holidays, here's what we look like from the back...

And here's what we look like from the front (standing in the arch at Mission Hill).

Left to right is Brent, Ryan, Jason, and myself (Andrew). Brent is sales. Ryan is a friend of Brent's who came on our company holiday. Jason handles our servers. I do lots of the programming.

A couple of important people are missing from the picture. Peter (or designer) is the person behind the camera in this shot. Christina, our bookkeeper didn't come on the trip.

While all the people in the picture look fairly young, I can tell you that each and everyone of us has a deep passion for the web, and while we might not have the deep knowledge possessed by many wine makers, we do have a passion for wine. If you have a chance to talk to any team member, I'm confident this passion will shine through.

Over the next few months, I'm going to attempt to put more of our company personality in this site. If you have any thoughts on adding personality to your website, or to our website, we would like to hear them.

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