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April 25, 2016 | Brent Johnson

Free Support at Vin65. 5 Reasons Why We Made The Change.

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Today, there is a big change, we’re excited to offer all of our clients free customer support! Now all of your ‘how to’ questions and troubleshooting that we used to bill for is free.

A lot of software companies offer support as a paid option, charging per incident, or per hour. Often, support is offered as a feature, and is only available for specific packages, so if you pay more, you have access to more. Today, there is a big change, we’re excited to offer all of our clients free customer support! Now all of your ‘how to’ questions and troubleshooting that we used to bill for is free.


Why did we do this? Here are the top 5 reasons why we made this change for you.

1. We Love You

As a software firm, one of our core values is to keep getting better for our clients. We add new features to our platform daily, but we haven’t changed how customer support works for a long time. It’s time that we modernize and keep pushing the bar in not only in the wine industry, but in the software industry for all of you.

2. We Want To Hear From You

We want to remove any hesitation you might have to get in touch with us. You’ll always get a person who works at Vin65 on the line (we hate automated phone trees) and we’re here to listen and understand how we can help. We love it when wineries call in or send us an email; whether it’s just to say hi, ask for help, or offer suggestions. It makes for a better platform for all 1,300+ wineries using Vin65 today.

3. We Want You To Sell More Wine

There were times where we saw a winery looking for help, but they didn’t want to call in because they didn’t know if they’d get a bill for the call, so they ended up not setting up a feature. We want to eliminate this completely. We’ve got your back!

4. You Asked For It

This one is simple - you asked for free support, so we wanted to give you free support.

5. You Want To Know What You Pay

Some feedback from wineries is that they want to know exactly what they will be paying every month. Having variable support billing based on how much support time you used per month left some wineries uneasy.

It Sounds Too Good To Be True, What’s The Catch?

A goal of ours is to be clear and upfront with all of our fees and there are a few areas that fall outside of our standard free support offering. Support for webservices, design, RMS, database, and clients using over 10 hours of support per month are all still billable (there are only a handful of our 1300+ clients that use 10+ hours. If you’re wondering if this is you - it’s not, we would have already talked with you personally).

Individual training sessions for a specific winery or person is still a paid option (i.e. if you hire a new staff member who needs an hour or two of training just for them, or if you want to kick off summer TR staff with a training session). We’re offering some exclusive support channels, that we’re calling ‘Premium Support’ which include live chat, priority ticket/phone, and 2 hours of individual training sessions for your winery per month. You can upgrade to Premium Support here (If you were previously on a paid plan, you’ll be getting an email with details on transitioning your plan).

View all of our support options here.

Bonus: New User Forum & More Webinars

We’re launching a new user forum which harnesses powerful tools to engage our vibrant community. We thought it was time to offer a fully supported forum moderated by Vin65ers, to help cultivate winery to winery tips, tricks, feedback, etc. and we’re excited to see our involved Vin65 community help each other. Check out the new Vin65 ‘Community’ forum here: http://community.vin65.com (you have to be a client to experience the love!).

We’re adding one more webinar to the mix and offering a Thursday afternoon session in addition to our Friday morning session. Hope to see you there.

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