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April 5, 2009 | Andrew Kamphuis

Listening to Customers

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How many times do your customers try and talk to you before you listen to them?

I was impressed this weekend when I took my wife shoe shopping at John Fluevog. Not because they are a cool Canadian shoe company, but because they really listen to customers.Listening to Customers.png

Here are three specific examples of how they listen:

  1. Inside the store on a wall near the counter you can see some "proposed" designs of some upcoming shoes and you can write feedback on the designs. (There was lots of good feedback from customers on there, and I'm sure they take it to heart).
  2. The shoes that we ended up buying were inspired by a customer, and then the shoe was named after that customer. How cool is that!
  3. On Saturday morning when I 'twitted' that I was going to be visiting Fluevog, I immediately received a a follow. (Anyone on twitter will probably know what that means)


So how does this relate to you? At Vin|65, I want to model the company around a "customer engaging" experience. It's not always easy (we have local customers, and we have customers on the other side of both oceans) but it's always right.

I personally have a google doc with features and changes that customers have recommended. Some of the best features are coming from clients who who use our products every day.  We are constantly look to our customers for ways we can improve their website and ultimately improve our product... so keep the requests coming.  If you have a great idea, send it to me (or your account rep).



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