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DTC wine thoughts served up by Vin65

October 27, 2015 | Corinna Wang

OND: Step 4 - Do the Heavy Lifting.

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Now, get the heavy lifting done for your customers so that all they need to do is checkout.

We're almost done our OND boot camp.

You've got the framework to sell wine online, you've got some killer promotions and you've told the world. Now, get the heavy lifting done for your customers so that all they need to do is checkout.

Curate Gift Packs

Everyone wants to serve a perfectly paired wine with their Thanksgiving feast, however, where do they start? How do they know which wine is best with turkey? You're the expert - and you have the ability to recommend the perfect gift pack. All the customer has to do is checkout. I'm basically clicking the add to cart button below right now.

Gift Pairing Instead of Food Pairing

Usually recommend a smoked gouda with your 2011 Merlot? During the holidays, you should be recommending the 2011 Merlot for Dad. After all, dad likes Merlot, but the point is that you've sold wine and just crossed off one person on your customers Christmas list.

Show Off Your Promotions

It's hard to resist a great deal - flash sales create urgency, while shipping promotions increase AOV. Displaying promotions on your website may help you convert a browser to a buyer. You can also target customer segments with specific promotions with email. For VIP promotions and discounts, you can beef up security by requiring them to login to their account in order to qualify for the promotion.

Use Carrots to Increase AOV

Another great way to show browsers what promotions you have running is with carrots. A carrot is a targeted message that shows in both the modal cart and cart page and it's based on what people have added to their cart. The great thing about carrots is they work with the customer to show them ways to save and usually drives up AOV in order to qualify for the promotion.

Is there anything that has worked for your winery to drive online sales? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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