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DTC wine thoughts served up by Vin65

October 16, 2014 | Corinna Wang

5 Tips For Your Winery Website This Holiday Season

October, November, December (OND) is in full swing. Smart retailers are already starting to focus on holiday promotions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the gift-giving season.

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November 26, 2012 | Krista Hesketh

Get Some Action - 6 Steps to Higher Conversion with Email

Action emails – they’re the bigger, more independent brother to regular mass emails. With an open rate that is more than double regular mass email, this is an awesome email marketing tool that will help you maintain relationships and connect with new customers. Plus, you’ll likely see some positive conversion rates.

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May 10, 2011 | Andrew Kamphuis

Your Wine Website is the Hub


This is how it should be. Your wine website should be the hub of your web marketing, and social media, email, QR Codes, etc., are spokes that should drive traffic to the hub.

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January 18, 2011 | Andrew Kamphuis

5 Wineries/Wine Retailers that 'Get' the Web


It's fairly easy to pick apart websites and list everything that is being done wrong from an ecommerce perspective but there are a lot of wineries and wine retailers that are doing it right. Today as I was browsing through our portfolio, I wanted to highlight a few websites that are doing it right.

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March 9, 2010 | Andrew Kamphuis

Is Facebook sending your winery website more traffic than Google?

From a winery perspective, is this true – does Facebook send you more traffic than Google?

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August 19, 2009 | Andrew Kamphuis

New Admin Interface

A little bit of a self promotion. This morning we launched our new interface on our admin panel. We have some clear goals around our admin panel. It has to be as simple as possible. We want the user interface to be intuitive and friendly.
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March 23, 2009 | Andrew Kamphuis

Welcome Brian Zacharias

We would like to welcome Brian Zacharias to the Vin|65 team this morning. (We'll get his picture up someday)
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March 8, 2009 | Andrew Kamphuis

How to choose a website/e-commerce provider.

There's been a great discussion on Open Wine Consortium about choosing an e-commerce platform. The discussion has been going on for almost a year and every so often the conversation sparks up again.
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