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Want to grow DTC sales by 108%? 46Brix can help.

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May 24, 2016 | Jim Agger

Want to grow DTC sales by 108%? 46Brix can help.

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46Brix is Vin65's built-in shipping rewards program. Two years after launch, we've seen dramatic business results for participating wineries. Here, we dig into the data and look at how 46Brix is helping wineries in the US and Canada sell more wine. 

Two years ago we launched 46Brix, a unique all-in-one shipping incentive and loyalty program.  We built 46Brix because we know that shipping incentives sell more wine, and our most recent batch of data further proves that point.

Here’s what happens after customers sign up for 46Brix:

  • Average annual sales per customer increased 108%
  • Number of orders per year increased 107%
  • Average order value increased 86%
  • Number of bottles per order increased 53%

What’s happening here?  We’ve observed that your A-list customers realize the value of 46Brix and sign up right away - these are generally “super-consumers” who already buy multiple times a year.  And that’s when the magic happens: after joining 46Brix your best customers buy even more wine, more frequently.

Here’s what that looks like over one year:

This chart shows how 46Brix can impact a typical winery’s gross profit for a single customer over time.  In this scenario, before signing up for 46Brix, you would have made $183 in gross profit from four orders. Not bad. However, after joining 46Brix, profit from that same customer more than doubles to $394.

Those are powerful results!

The power of 46Brix extends to wineries of all shapes and sizes. Currently, we have wineries across the US including California, Oregon, New York, Idaho and Texas, as well as Canada's Okanagan Valley. Jay Christianson of Canyon Wind Cellars in Colorado has this to say about the program: "46Brix has been a great tool for increasing the lifetime value for our wine club members by removing the burden of paying for shipping. The results are fantastic - never before have we had the ability as a tiny winery to compete with deals that companies like Amazon can offer. This is an amazing program.”

Ready to sell more wine with 46Brix? 

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Want to learn more about how 46Brix works? Check out our FAQs.

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