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Why Your Winery Should Use Video - And How to Get Started

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October 4, 2016 | Laurie Millotte

Why Your Winery Should Use Video - And How to Get Started

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We know how important professional product photography is for showcasing your products. But video is a growing trend as well.

Guest post by Laurie Millotte, Founder & Wine Enthusiast, Outshinery 

We know how important professional product photography is for showcasing your products. But video is a growing trend as well. Online, bite-size videos have now become a big part of our daily consumption.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are all part of the game, and wineries can be too. An exciting product showcase like this is not just for the big players any more:

(Video by Outshinery)

I sell wine. Why is video important?

1- Get more engagement

Video is a great way to stop people during their usual swiping and scrolling to concentrate on your content. On average, US adults spend a staggering 5.5 hours with video content each day. Studies also show that video content is more likely to be clicked and shared than text.

2- Be more searchable

Here is a SEO tip: get your video online, preferably with a Google owned platform like YouTube. According to a 2015 study from Searchmetrics, video shows up 14 percent of the time in search results. Having one gives you a better chance to move up the ranking, especially when none of your competitors have videos. Furthermore, studies have also shown that Google favors websites with video content in their search results.

3- Sell more wine

Video has the ability to deliver an incredible amount of information and touch people’s emotions. While a picture is static and copy goes so often unread, videos make for the most engaging product experience online. They also build brand credibility and shorten the buying decision time. Here’s the proof in numbers:

  • 73% of adults are more likely to buy products after watching a video that describes the product or services.
  • 58% of consumers think companies that produce video content are more trustworthy.

What kind of content should I publish?

The sky's the limit! This is, by no mean, an exhaustive list applicable to the wine industry. Read it as inspiration and let your imagination unfold. Here are some examples:

1- Product showcases
2- Instructional / Tutorials

Showcase mixed drinks made from your products, pairing recipes, tips and tricks.

3- Reviews
4- Day in the Life
5- Humor

I’m sold. How can I start making videos?

1- Grab your Phone and Shoot

In the age of self publishing, content is king! Especially for short form videos like Snapchat and Instagram, production value is secondary. Suitable content: day-to-day update on location, quick tutorials, event reporting, vineyards tours. Suggested apps: Boomerang, Hyperlapse, iMovie, and Splice.

2- Get a little help

And by that we don't mean camera crew, recording studio and all that jazz! Professional videos showcasing your product can now be done with a few clicks from the comfort of your office. The investment goes a long way and a well produced piece can be used across multiple platforms, from social media to website and to newsletters to screens in tasting rooms. High production value videos are not just for the big guys anymore. Stepping into the director's chair and get a stunning brand video is faster and more affordable than you think! Suitable content: new wine release, anniversary or special event, seasonal occasions, local advertisements, promotional campaign

(Video by Outshinery)

Video has become an essential part in ecommerce. It breathes life into a brand’s storytelling, delivers an enormous amount of information in an engaging way. Most importantly, it positively influences the customer experience and makes a stronger case for hitting the “Purchase” button. The best thing is, video creation is becoming more approachable than ever before. Have fun, and #sellmorewine!

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